Albert – 3D Deck 8.375"
Albert – 3D Deck 8.375"
Albert – 3D Deck 8.375"

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Albert – 3D Deck 8.375"

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1. Start by putting your face up close to the printed stereogram or the digital screen with which you’re viewing. Hold it horizontally and look
through the image as if you were spacing out.
2. Then move the stereogram slowly away from your eyes, do not let your eyes re-adjust. Keep looking through the image / “spacing out” as you
move it away.
3.When you are confident that your eyes can continue to look through the stereogram, move the image back and forth until the patterns overlap
and a blurry three dimensional picture should start appearing.
4. Give your eyes a little while to adjust, and the image should snap into place and you will see a sharp three dimensional picture.

Size 8.375"
Albert Nyberg Pro model
Made In Europe