Confusion International Skateboard Magazine arrives at Sisu !

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Since 2010, there’s three days per year, some very special days… days that are gonna bring you a big present. Those are the days you go to mailbox and grab your new Confusion Mag. You enjoy reading it with your first morning coffee, then maybe later on, once the coffee did his job, when you drop the kids off at the pool... later after lunch coffee, repeat action, and in the evening with your friends at the session. There is always some time off your phone to devour this awesome pamphlet.
This is one colourful illustrated piece of paper, the most interesting one in the business! Not only will you read about the craziest underground skateboarding stories, but it brings you the latest skater-built skate spots and DIY concrete skate parks from all around the world.
Also, it spotlights hardcore/punk musicians and talented yet often unknown artists connected to these local scenes globally. Always illustrated by the most insane photographers from the globe. And it regularly has a good story to share about our neighbors from the Baltic, Estonia itself, or a heavy park from the US, Japan, Australia, no place is forgotten.
So you feel confused!? Need a little motivation to push yourself, with your own building project? Confusion’s main mission, as they state, is curing people’s boredom and dissatisfaction with the current skateboarding magazines and media. And they keep their word!
Go get your credit card, you won’t need to heat it up, all this for a fair budget! Order now from Sisu, our favourite mag for years ! Support your international weirdos !!

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