Havumäki Ranch, Finland.

words and pictures by Nicolas Bouvy
All of us have that little dream teasing your skull, waiting that the mid-life crisis hits you in the back of the head. Get your own ramp, own park, own backyard pool whatever could make you more happy in your skateboarding life, but sometimes that shit don’t happen. So here we come and bring you the ultimate skate dream for some, highly probable it’s for most of us. You can rent it and it’s located real close from Estonia. Havumäki, Muurame, Finland, to be exact.
Jani Mäkelä, fs nose blunt.

So after a good Manserama festival, representing Nightwood Skateboards, I took a day off and drove North from Tampere, to join my friend Jani Mäkelä for a 2-day skate retreat at the Ranch.

The beautiful 3 cupped concrete bowl, next to the sauna and hot tub.
One of the latest addition, a super smooth and fun little bowl with 40m pool coping.

As it was nicely documented in Confusion Magazine – issue #28, I always had the need to visit the place, and friends from all over Finland had only big praise about the project. Heini Luotola in her article intro wrote “I myself fell in love with the place at first sight, …” “in the middle of nowhere in central Finland”.
Nicolas fs air.

And yes, it’s the first feeling hitting you, as you enter the ranch. So here’s some pics of our session there, with perfect summer weather, as we got there before the big storm, with more than 30°C and super nice wind piercing the woods. We even had a nice morning session just after the coffee and before leaving.
Nicolas bs grind the hip

Check their website for more info at : https://havumakiranch.fi/ (If you wanna book it on weekends, be quick during summertime as it gets booked out quite fast...)
and don’t miss another chance to read about it in Confusion available at Sisu :


Jani Mäkelä, fs grind.

Nicolas Bert Slide.

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