Johannes Teder: Diving into the Nightwood Realm !

In this time of the year when most folks are such deficient in vitamin D to the point they can't summon the energy to crack open their vitamin jars, there are those who defy the relentless ticking of the clock. Fearless of Krulli's bone-chilling temperatures, the polar condition warriors persist, throwing down their moves in the park.

One emerges as a frontliner of the masses! Johannes Tedre, at a mere 15 years old, hungers for action, and he spills it out on four wheels! His skating is downright sick, and his persistence always cashes in – he never wraps up a session without unleashing some gravity-defying stunts!!

With five years of skating under his belt, he's been a keen observer of the elder generation, like Meelis Erm, Nightwood's pioneer rider, and the beastly Rain Silver Lindemann. Johannes lauds their trick mastery and their generosity with the young guns.

Back in 2019, when he gingerly stepped onto the wooden plank, being a Tallinn local, he primarily honed his moves in Politsei Park or Mustamäe Park. Now, you'll catch him navigating street spots, battling the city's urban grit, and going head-to-head with uncomprehending civilians and vigilant security guards.

Yet, that hasn't curbed his wanderlust, with one of his standout skate trips landing him in Copenhagen, where he reveled in the glory of a properly designed skatepark – a gem sorely missed in his local scene.

Ever the competitor, even if it's not his top priority, Johannes has clinched podium spots in local competitions and got some taste at the Simple Session!
Now, he continues to soak up wisdom from the older generation, but here's the kicker – he's already a beacon of inspiration for the fresh recruits to skateboarding. Talk about a hefty dose of recognition!

So, Nightwood is beaming with pride and stoked out of their minds because Johannes is throwing himself headfirst into the whirlwind adventure! Alongside Meelis, he's set to ramp up his skate game under the Nightwood banner! Welcome to the madhouse, step in to the chaos, congrats from the squad, young gun!

 words and photos by Nicolas Bouvy

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