Manserama 2023 – Tampere, Finland

Jesse Thomas. Handplant transfer at Kenneli DIY

Words and photos by Nicolas Bouvy

If skateboarding as we know it originates from California, it would not have been possible without the contribution of one unique man. This man went by the name of Alvar Aalto, one of the most influential modernist architects. He came from the land of the thousand lakes. As he wanted to reproduce the beauty of his homeland lakes in the 1930s, he designed a swimming pool in the form of a kidney. This pool later inspired his US architect friends, who brought this unseen shape across the Atlantic Ocean. And some decades later, in 1975 local young kids made history as we know it.

Nowadays, Finland’s locals never give up on celebrating our favorite pastime on four wheels. Over the last years, one town took up a really a massive collective effort and created what to me is one of the most lovely “skate towns” in Northern Europe – and that town is Tampere! Their work led to the creation of the infamous Kenneli DIY Bowl, the Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat ry association, the outdoor bowl of Iso Villunen, and plenty of cool skate spots all around town, culminating in the recently opened Muovitehdas indoor park.

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Jesse Thomas. Finger flip at Kenneli DIY

Jonas “Ginger” Bünger, Indy Air at Muovitehdas.

 Jordan Thackeray. Transfer to noseblunt pop in at Kenneli DIY.

Jussi Korhonen. Feeble

Sam Beckett. Lien air

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