Nightwood New Sailor deck 2023

2022-2023 has been a good year for Nightwood Skateboards. In October 2022, we supported the Ramp champ 2022 in Tartu, also we organized in collaboration with Sisu Skateshop, the Talve Kuningas contest in Tallinn last March. We got a lot of positive feedback. And we are so thankful for all the supporters over the last month, from Estonia to Finland as well as Belgium and Luxembourg. We did manage to move most of our 2022 decks and shirts. And now is time to bring you a special treat. In addition to the Concreto new model, the Sailor DIY style deck is now available. Those are very limited quantity, only 10 made. Manufactured by Locals Skateboards from Poland. They are the skull old school shape deck 9.25’/31.125.


Maik Grüner, fs grinding, he's the man behind the graphic

Art by our beloved friend Maik Grüner, legendary ripper, and silk screened by Frank Abner of Trykiruum in Tallinn. Our idea with this one was to support our local artist friends.

  Frank Abner, during the screening process

Decks 100% made in Europe. (Except the Maple from Canada). Every deck is different, look at the beautiful stain on those. Need a beer cruiser?, a white wall in the room to be filled?, Want to upgrade your graphic, take your favourite colour pencils and take the process even further.


The decks are drying at the Trykiruum.

Perfect slappy unit shape, bowl and transition riders are gonna be stocked on that one.
Support you local weirdo!

Nicolas from Nightwood, took the deck to a test at Oulu, Rajakylä DIY.

click the link to get one

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