Pool Fight Club Photography Exhibition In Luxembourg

Antti Lampinen

Antti Lampinen, fs grinding Dave's Precious Pool in Sweden.

From 4th to 20th of May, an skateboard festival took place at Belle Etoile shopping center in Bertrange, Luxembourg. A skateboard deck art exhibition called Board in Design, currated by Lowic Villa was displayed at the mall, celebrating 10 years anniversary of the gallery. A second space showcased a 20 years long maturated skate photography exhibition by Nicolas Bouvy. He is currently working on bringing this work to the Baltic.

Here's some more info about it.

Starting in 1993, Nicolas (pool_fight_club on Instagram) got an old freestyle skateboard he borrowed from his older brother. Since then, he couldn’t resist rolling the 4-wheeled wooden toy. And 30 years later, he’s still at it, a good old skateboarder “du dimanche”. After some years of practicing, at the start of his studies in photography, he felt the need of documenting his session with friends. In this exhibition you can see some of his favourite spots like the legendary fullpipe in Sanem, the secret vert ramp in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, the infamous Räsälä pool at his friend Vexi in Eastern Finland. Dave’s “precious” pool in Sweden; the backyard heaven, a ramp in Tallinn, Estonia, he built at his friend Raakel’s home. He’s been fortunate enough to always share sessions with stylish rippers, because what’s more important than style in skateboarding!?! In his story you will see the main elements in skateboarding, the air, the asphalt, the concrete (his alltime favourite), the stone and the wood, the riders taking care of the fire ! As extra, some photographs display more famous riders like Willis Kimbel, Chris Russel, Jonas Bunger aka Ginger or even legend Pat Duffy, he witnessed during events in Finland. So now, grab your board and go skate !


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