Sk8mell, riding the waves with Nightwood skateboards.

Estonian riders, my friends, they're a breed apart – wild, unpredictable, and utterly versatile. They dance on the edge of the asphalt abyss, conquering rough street spots, mini-ramps, transitions, public parks, and even daring vert transitions. That’s how they do. Summers? Well, they're a cruel mistress, always too damn short for their taste. So, when the weather gives them a wink, they grab life by the grip tape and ride it for all it's worth.

And one specimen stands out from the crowd. This young blood? He skates like the devil's on his tail, throttling down the asphalt with a fearless abandon that'll leave you gobsmacked. Big tricks? Hell, he scoffs at them and hungers for more. But that's not all, folks. He’s pretty much of one of the rare local to pull proper inverted manoeuvrers on vert. Oh, the joy of watching him skate,... Sharing a session with this cat? Pure, unadulterated fun, especially at Tallinn's skate haven, Krulli Park, where the man is shredding the park like no one else, leaving no room for daydreaming; he conquers every corner of that park.

But here's the scoop, the cat's out of the bag. Today, minu sõbrad, Nightwood Skateboards lays it all on the line. Today, Nightwood Skateboards proudly unveils their magnum opus: the induction of Sk8mell, Meelis Erm, as their inaugural team rider. Meelis, this maverick on wheels, symbolizes everything the brand cherishes and reveres. A super committed skater who helps improving our local community and rise the bar real high! His creative spirit is a psychedelic swirl of innovation that injects the pure essence of skateboarding – FUN!

Meelis (1997), Vändra native, embarked on his four-wheeled odyssey around 2008. Then moved to Pärnu as he finished 9th grade school. Bit later, the Tihemetsa park became his main skate sanctuary from 2015 to 2018. In summer of 2018, Nico from Nightwood saw him for the first time, at Rulamängud in Võru skatepark's freshly minted bowl.

And since then the young local reaper always catches the eye from the guy. He's evolved, matured, and the future stretches out before him like an endless half-pipe. So it went natural for Nico to invite him for joining the new brand. As hard work always pays, Converse Eesti and Docka web-shop recognized his prowess and have sponsored him already for years.

This weekend, as the sun sets on the horizon, Meelis dives headfirst into the chaos and glory of the Simple Session contest. Stand by him, support this skateboard sorcerer, and revel in the ecstasy of Estonia's annual skate event.

So, with thunderous applause and a devil-may-care attitude, we welcome Meelis Erm into the Nightwood family. It's a journey into the heart of skateboarding madness, and we're all in for the wild ride.

words and photos by Nicolas Bouvy

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