"The Daily Buzz: The Chronicles of a Fly" - Meelis Erm new model is out!

Behold, comrades! Feast your eyes upon the latest marvel from the depths of the Nightwood universe: the Meelis Erm model!

After months of relentless pursuit, chasing the dragon of speed through the gritty streets, and carving up Krulli park with wild abandon, Meelis stood deserving of a grand tribute come springtime. And what better homage than the 4th installment under the Nightwood banner dedicated to the man himself! Our local artist extraordinaire, Maik Grüner, approached the task with the intensity of a mad scientist, birthing a masterpiece fit for the annals of legend. And let's not forget the sorcery of our Polish brethren at Locals Skateboards MFG, who waved their wands to craft this beast into reality.

Now, brace yourselves for the unveiling of the beast in three magnificent sizes: 8.375/32, 8.5/32, and 9.25/33, each boasting a 14.25-inch wheelbase that screams for the asphalt.
But wait, there's more! We recently threw a bacchanalian bash to honor Meelis and unveil this marvel. Here's a chaotic glimpse into the revelry.

Our eternal gratitude extends to all who made this madness possible: Maik Grüner, Locals Skateboards MFG, S1su shop, Kusti at Krulli Park and every soul who's stood by us on this wild journey over the past 3 years.

Embrace the madness, support your local weirdos, and lay claim to these decks before they vanish into the ether. They await you here:

In a haze of Nigthwood glory,
Nico from Nightwood

Big hug to the man !


Meelis enjoying the fresh rider
Kristjan Eier
Nils-Eerik Vesberg
Jeremy Vaask
Toomas Seppänen of S1su !
Meelis Erm and Maik Grüner

Kristo Õismets

Meelis Erm
Nils-Eerik Vesberg
Meelis Erm

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