“Vans Day. School's Out Shredding: Simple Session Unleashed with Waffles and shredders".

Kristo Õismets


So, after these warriors took a well-deserved break, they left us a park that wasn't in shambles—far from it! We snagged a final shot at reveling in the madness. The course was still alive with mind-blowing tricks, sky-scraping airs, and adrenaline seeping from every corner. Big shoutout to the House of Marsten for throwing a Vans day our way, giving us a taste of that sweet taste of victory!

Merje Reisenbuk

The brand with the iconic waffle sole brought in, early morning, school groups, introducing the joy of the useless wooden toy to the youngster. And, after a badass BMX jam that left everyone buzzing, it was our moment to dive headfirst into a mesmerizing spectacle.


Kristo Õismets, that wild soul, decided one weekend wasn't enough, so he tore through the park like a champ. Kristjan Eier, he finally dropped the mic and set the damn place on fire. Jakob Aruvald? Couldn't resist taking a freefall from the DJ tower, guarded by none other than our maestro of beats, Lauri Täht.

Lauri Täht

Everybody got a piece of that park for the grand finale, and now we're left to yearn for it for another whole damn year… Until then, it's back to our beloved local haunts!

Grisha Barbashin

A tip of the hat to Simple Session, Vans, and the House of Marsten for conjuring this wild spectacle!

Words and Photos Nicolas Bouvy

 Tom Seppänen

Mamos Skrill

Jakob Aruvald

Johannes Teder

Kristo Õismets

Kristjan Eier

Future is now !

Nils-Eerik Vesberg


Filip Veiderma

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