Unleashing the 2023 Madness in Motion pictures

Jakob Aruvald, Nose grind in Tallinn Harbor. Picture Nicolas Bouvy

Imagine Estonia buried under a thick blanket of snow, and guess what? It’s time for editors to release the beasts! This summer's stash has been mind-blowingly sick upon delivery!
Dive into the wild, sick motion brought to you by Estonia's locals. These folks have been insanely productive, and lucky for us, the movie makers were right in the mix as the streets were set ablaze!
Get a sneak peek at some of the gnarliest moments!
Enjoy the ride!


First, our super productive Meelis Erm (Nightwood Skateboards, Converse Eesti) with Untitled5

Second, Egbert Pahhomov (Surfhouse) behind the lens with his 2K23

Lauri Täht and Rainer Kaur gave birth to another baby :

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